Neve Pearce                            

Prop and Puppet Maker                          

Based in Glasgow






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Showreel from 2017-2020 at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Passionate about creating striking characters for stage, screen and unique commissions.

I make animated props with a thoughtful and detailed eye, focusing on forming an empathetic connection between audience and prop.

With a background in Art, 3D Design and Puppetry, I have recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland having developed a broader skill set and collaborated with a team of diversely skilled peers. I’m now looking for any opportunities where I’m able to showcase my skills, experiment with new and traditional techniques and work amongst a creative team of makers, problem-solving and learning on the go.  



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BBC Scotland – Christmas at the Quay – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – Scottish BAFTAs – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – Scotland’s People – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – The One Show COP26 – October 2021 – Lead Prop Maker

Starcatchers – Spike – September 2021 – Puppet Maker

BBC Scotland – Alleluia! – September 2021 – Art Department Assistant

EvenTure – The Tam O’ Shanter Trail Of Terror – August/September 2021 – Sculptor/Prop Maker

Carmondean Community Council – Mural painting – August/September 2021 – Assistant Painter

RCS – Pomona – August 2021 – Prop Maker

Edinburgh Fringe – The Trick That Fooled – July/August 2021 – Prop Maker

New Rhythms for Glasgow – Alice's Tea Party – June/July 2021 – Children's Events Assistant

New Rhythms for Glasgow – Alice's Tea Party – June/July 2021 – Prop Maker

RCS – Enron – May 2020 – Lead Prop Maker

RCS – City of Angels – February 2020 – Prop Maker

RCS – Cinderella – December 2019 – Prop Maker

Jolly Good Show – the Wizard of Oz – November 2019 – Puppet Maker

RCS – Middletown – October 2019 – Prop Maker.

Edinburgh Fringe – RCS – Legally Blonde – June 2019 – Puppet Maker

RCS – San Diego – May 2019 – Special Effects Makeup Artist

RCS – Blue Stockings – May 2019 – Wig Maker

RCS – Dead Man Walking – May/April 2019 – Prop Maker

RCS – Sunday in the Park with George – March 2019 - Wig Maker

RCS – Peter Pan – December 2018 - Puppet Maker

RCS – the Breathing House – October 2018 Prop Maker

RCS – Street Scenes – May/April 2018 – Prop Maker

RCS – Jungle Book – December 2017 – Prop Maker

Love VS Trauma film – May 2017 – Assistant Puppeteer

Chichester Festival Theatre – Forty Years On – April 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker

Little Angel Theatre – Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – April 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker

The Art of Ubuntu film – March 2017 – Assistant Puppeteer

Little Angel Theatre – The Singing Mermaid – February 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker 

Young Author Mentoring Project – State of Sleep book – March 2015 – Author




Character design: Using digital software like Photoshop, hand-drawn illustration or through the making of maquettes.  

Puppet making: Marionette, table-top, stop-motion, shadow puppetry and mask making using a variety of materials and processes.  

Sculpting: Using oil based, water based and polymer clays, Worbla, acrylic and recycled waste plastics, polystyrene and upholstery foam. 

Wood carving: By hand using chisels, mallet and whittling knives, machine carving using a Dremel, belt sander and lathe.  

Metalworking: MIG, MAG and flux cored arc welding, grinding and forming steel on an anvil, threading and drilling steel and aluminium.  

Molding and casting: Using fibre-glass, plaster, silicone, polyester resins and expanding foam.  

Paint effects: Faux texturing of wood, weathering and other textures using acrylic, water based, oil paints, dyes and pigment powders.  

Wig making and styling: Hair punching and hair ventilating using synthetic, human and animal hair.   

Prosthetic makeup: Molding, casting and applying silicone and latex prosthetics.  

Sewing: Pattern drafting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, felting, hand sewing and machine sewing using industrial sewing machines and overlockers.  

Upholstery: Using upholstery foam, leather, vinyl and other fabrics to upholster chairs and sofas. 




Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – BA Production Arts and Design – Prop Making – 2017-2020

City of Glasgow College – SVQ Level 5 Preparing and Using Semi-Automatic MIG, MAG and Flux Cored Arc Welding Equipment – September/October 2019

Brighton and Hove City College – UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design – 3D Design pathway – 2015-2017




References available upon request.