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Neve Pearce                            

Prop and Puppet Maker                          

Based in Glasgow






Link to PDF copy of CV:


Showreel from 2017-2020 at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Passionate about creating striking characters for stage, screen and unique commissions.

I make animated props, puppets and sculptures with a thoughtful and detailed eye, focusing on forming an empathetic connection between audience and prop. 
Originally from Brighton, with a background in Art, 3D Design and Puppetry, I recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2020.
Since graduating, I have worked as a freelance art department assistant for multiple BBC Scotland productions while completing a number of prop and puppetry commissions from my studio space in Bridgeton.
I’m currently taking commissions and open to any opportunities where I’m able to showcase my skills, experiment with new and traditional techniques and work amongst a team of creative makers.

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Kelburn Estate – Wizard School – July 2022 – Prop Maker

Kelburn Estate – Kelburn Garden Party – June/July 2022 – Prop Maker and Set Dresser

Boutique 50 – The Glasgow School of Art Exhibition – June 2022 – Exhibiting Sculptor

Maramedia – Olga Da Polga – March 2022 – Prop Maker and Art Department Assistant

Starcatchers – Spike – March/April 2022 – Puppet Maker

BBC Scotland – Christmas at the Quay – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – Scottish BAFTAs – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – Scotland’s People – November 2021 – Art Department Assistant

BBC Scotland – The One Show COP26 – October 2021 – Lead Prop Maker

Starcatchers – Spike – September 2021 – Puppet Maker

BBC Scotland – Alleluia! – September 2021 – Art Department Assistant

EvenTure – The Tam O’ Shanter Trail Of Terror – August/September 2021 – Sculptor/Prop Maker

Carmondean Community Council – Mural painting – August/September 2021 – Assistant Painter

RCS – Pomona – August 2021 – Prop Maker

Edinburgh Fringe – The Trick That Fooled – July/August 2021 – Prop Maker

New Rhythms for Glasgow – Alice's Tea Party – June/July 2021 – Children's Events Assistant

New Rhythms for Glasgow – Alice's Tea Party – June/July 2021 – Prop Maker

The Cafe Hub Glasgow – GOSSIP Collective Exhibition – May 2021 – Exhibiting Sculptor

RCS – Enron – May 2020 – Lead Prop Maker

RCS – City of Angels – February 2020 – Prop Maker

RCS – Cinderella – December 2019 – Prop Maker

Jolly Good Show – the Wizard of Oz – November 2019 – Puppet Maker

RCS – Middletown – October 2019 – Prop Maker.

Edinburgh Fringe – RCS – Legally Blonde – June 2019 – Puppet Maker

RCS – San Diego – May 2019 – Special Effects Makeup Artist

RCS – Blue Stockings – May 2019 – Wig Maker

RCS – Dead Man Walking – May/April 2019 – Prop Maker

RCS – Sunday in the Park with George – March 2019 - Wig Maker

RCS – Peter Pan – December 2018 - Puppet Maker

RCS – the Breathing House – October 2018 Prop Maker

RCS – Street Scenes – May/April 2018 – Prop Maker

RCS – Jungle Book – December 2017 – Prop Maker

Love VS Trauma film – May 2017 – Assistant Puppeteer

Chichester Festival Theatre – Forty Years On – April 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker

Little Angel Theatre – Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – April 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker

The Art of Ubuntu film – March 2017 – Assistant Puppeteer

Little Angel Theatre – The Singing Mermaid – February 2017 – Assistant Prop Maker 

Young Author Mentoring Project – State of Sleep book – March 2015 – Author




Character design: Using digital software like Photoshop, hand-drawn illustration or through hand-sculpted maquettes

Puppet making: Marionette, table-top, stop-motion, shadow puppetry and mask making using a variety of materials and processes.  

Sculpting: Using oil based, water based and polymer clays, Worbla, acrylic and recycled waste plastics, polystyrene and upholstery foam. 

Wood carving: By hand using chisels, mallet and whittling knives, machine carving using rotary tools, belt sander and lathe.  

Metalworking: MIG, MAG and flux cored arc welding, grinding and forming steel on an anvil, threading and drilling steel and aluminium.  

Molding and casting: Using fibre-glass, plaster, silicone, polyester resins and expanding foam.  

Paint effects: Faux texturing of wood, weathering and other textures using acrylic, water based, oil paints, dyes and pigment powders.  

Wig making and styling: Hair punching and hair ventilating using synthetic, human and animal hair.   

Prosthetic makeup: Molding, casting and applying silicone and latex prosthetics.  

Sewing: Pattern drafting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, felting, hand sewing and machine sewing using industrial sewing machines and overlockers.  

Upholstery: Using upholstery foam, leather, vinyl and other fabrics to upholster chairs and sofas. 




Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – BA Production Arts and Design – Prop Making – 2017-2020

City of Glasgow College – SVQ Level 5 Preparing and Using Semi-Automatic MIG, MAG and Flux Cored Arc Welding Equipment – September/October 2019

Brighton and Hove City College – UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design – 3D Design – 2015-2017




References available upon request.

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